What We Do

Simplify Your Life

Whether you're an individual or a business, we are here to lend an extra set of hands to any job you need help with. Think of us as your personal assistant. We build relationships and trust… one task at a time.

Create A To-Do List
When we meet, we will help you to simplify, organize and plan what services are best suited for your needs.
Make It Happen
Once we have your 'To Do' list, we will handle the task(s) within the timeframe you set.

Clients Reviews

Juggling work, my own family life and helping with my mom can often leave me struggling to prioritize. That’s where Claudia came in. She helped take some additional pressures off my shoulders helping with some daily errands I needed to get done as well as taking my mom shopping. The extra set of hands made my life that much easier! My mom even now contacts her when she needs helps. Claudia has become another member of our family. I’d recommend her services to anyone.


I’m a senior and I needed help with gift shopping for the holidays. Claudia accompanied me to the mall and helped find gifts for my family. When I was tired, she’d find me a seat then go find things for me to consider as gifts. She is such a hard worker! She doesn’t waste time. She knows what the job is and she gets it done. You don’t have to tell her twice… she knows. She does it automatically. And her prices are fair and reasonable. I couldn’t have done it without her! I would recommend her services in a heartbeat.

Mrs. E.